Privacy GDPR

The Hotel Lons is pleased to inform its visitors and customers about the Protection of Personal Data according to the European GDPR law of May 25, 2018 (General Data Protection Regulation).

What personal data is collected?

  • The Hotel Lons collects the following data: Contact details (Name, First name, Address, Telephone, Email).
  • The Hotel Lons undertakes to collect only strictly necessary data.

Purposes of the processing of this personal data

  •  proper execution of overnight reservations by customers
  • internal accounting (invoicing of services, etc.)

Subcontracting for the creation and hosting of the website

  • Creation of the online sales website Hotel Lons works with Toile Design, a company founded in 2001 which guarantees an optimal level of security in terms of web programming (Toile Design guarantees that the programming languages ​​comply with current standards: HTML 5, PHP). For the website, personal data is stored in a MySQL database (.sql format) produced by Toile Design and accessible via an administration interface protected by a user ID and password.
  • Hosting: Toile Design manages the hosting of the Hotel Lons website and is a partner of NFrance in Toulouse. NFrance has always been concerned about the protection of personal data. The hosting offered by Nfrance is based exclusively on data storage in France.

Outsourcing securing online reservations

The Hotel restaurant Lons is a partner of Elloha for the security of online reservations by credit card. Elloha is a completely secure online banking payment system. At Elloha, safety is their priority. Credit card numbers are never read or stored. Their fraud prevention system analyzes each transaction and their specialists are available at all times (


Subcontracting Reservation planning Booking

The Hotel restaurant Lons is a partner of Booking for online reservations. Booking manages customer reservations by credit card. Booking is a recognized international system of online reservations by totally secure credit card. Credit card numbers are never read or stored.



The Hotel restaurant Lons uses the hotel software Vega for accounting and management of customer reservations. The QuatuHoRe Group is the publisher of the Vega software, entirely dedicated to the management of hotels and restaurants. Their software solution is perfectly secure and regularly updated.


How is this collected data stored?
The recording and saving of personal data is done on:

  • Digital format on the company's PC computer (email .eml, Excel file).
  • The computer is automatically protected by a security system.
  • Numerical format on the Vega management software (Last name, first name, address).

Data retention period

The entire duration of the collaboration between the Lons hotel and its customers + 5 years.


Rights of the person whose data is collected

Access to personal data: the modification, deletion or recovery (“transportability”) of personal data can easily be done by simple contact by telephone: +33 (0)5 34 09 28 00 or via the contact form. The data can be provided in digital format (Microsoft Word or .CSV format) in the case of transportability.


Responsible for data collection

The Hotel restaurant Lons, Brigitte Lons: +33 (0)5 34 09 28 00