The cave of Niaux

Niaux is one of the prehistoric giant still open to public. Discover paintings of an extraordinary quality !
20 minutes from the hotel.

Prehistoric park in Tarascon-sur-Ariège

Life and art of the Magdalenians.
15 minutes from the hotel.

The cave of Lombrives
Ussat-les-Bains (Tarascon-sur-Ariège)

Prehistory, mythology, history, geology and mineralogy are part of the original beauty of LOMBRIVES, the must and only cave sites you have to visit crossing Occitania.
This cave, since 26 years in the Guinness World Records ( known as the vastest cave in Europe ) , and our work, offers to you options of organised tour to visit the cave sites, walking on the footsteps of thousands of great men since the Neolitic Ages, as : Henri IV, Louis Bonaparte…, among and right inside a diversity of undergrounds sites and landscapes you will see hundreds of concretions in a natural and preserved site.

The cave of Mas d'Azil

The cave whose depths always served as a refuge, gave its name to the azilian civilisation.

The underground river of Labouiche

The longest navigable underground river in Europe open to the public. Guided tour by boat, 60 meters underground, a distance of 1500 m! 10 minutes from the hotel.

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